Emigration from Serbia to Germany – Case Story 1: “Return to Serbia is not an option”
Interviewee: Female, 10 years in Germany, a molecular biologist at the Public Health Institute in Berlin.

Initially, the interviewee and her family came from Serbia, more precisely, she was a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and due to war-related reasons, she had to flee to Serbia. At that time, there were several reasons for emigration from Serbia to Western Europe, including dissatisfaction with the political situation, remuneration, and professional and quality-related reasons for professional development. This dissatisfaction resulted in existential fears and seeking a survival solution for a person and her family. After graduating as a molecular biologist in Serbia, she applied for a Ph.D. candidate position in Austria. During her Ph.D. studies, she lived in Austria for 5 years. She found a different foundation setting in Austria; the interviewee described that there were definitely problems with the origin; you had to prove to everybody why you were an emigrant in the country, and also being called “Yugo” – she found extremely inappropriate. Due to her expiring contract, she had to look for a new job. Unfortunately, she could not find a new job, and she had to return to Serbia. In Serbia, she became increasingly aware that she did not want to live in her home country and would like to move to a bigger city. Find more HERE